About Us

Our Specialities

  • Home Decor72%
  • Household65%
  • Educational Aids60%

Home Décor accounts for 78% of sales in a month, the range & variety along with its competitive price offered by us is un-match able by any of our competitors. Our range of Candles in among others in this category is a Standout feature in this. We offer the Best quality in Party Candles, Fancy Candles, T-Lites, Tapering & Pillar to name a few .

Household Accessories provide us a turnover of 65% during the monthly sales, The USP being the diverse products we offer in this category including but not limited to Tableware, Crockery, Kitchen Items, Bathroom Accessories, etc.

Educational Aids bring in 60% sales for the month, Here we can proudly claim to be the first company to offer Educational Books of high quality directly imported from the publishers exclusively for the UAE & GCC Countries. More over these books are duly approved by the National Media Council before being sold in the market. Currently the books offered are only in the English Language, but we soon expect to have them in Arabic as well.

Plans for the next decade